Walter Harvey Hallam




Walter Harvey Hallam

July 1st 1916

a day to remember
Alison Raymond — 2017

Walter Harvey Hallam was an ordinary man cast into extraordinary circumstances. A London draper by trade, Walter volunteered for military service in 1915 as the horror of World War One unfolded across the battlefields of Europe.

On July 1st 1916 Walter was ordered ‘over the top’ into the carnage of the Battle of the Somme.

This is Walter’s story.




  • Walter — Markham Lawley
  • Sergeants/Corporal/Officer/Dad — Christopher Lawley


  • Julian Mount — Guitar/Vocals
  • Kim Olyett — Vocals
  • Susan Alexander — Violin
  • Alison Raymond — Guitar/Piano/Vocals


  • Ellie Nutkins
  • Jenny Cox

Technical Assistance — Liz Lawley

With thanks to

  • Mrs F. M. Raymond for information regarding her grandfather
  • Mrs Susan Alexander for the use of the image of her grandfather and his family.

Performance dates

10 September  10:30 am Stockwood Park W.I., Luton. 
 15/16 September 2 pm & 3:30 pm COAM WW1 weekend. 
 10 October 8 pm  Berkhamsted Live (King’s Arms).
 3 November 2 pm  Watford Museum.
 9 November 8:30 pm St Mary’s Church, Rickmansworth.
 11 November 8 pm  The Maltings Theatre, St Albans.
 14 November 8 pm
 The Bell, Adderbury, Oxfordshire.
15 April, 2019 time TBC The Western Front Association, Gerrards Cross